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Friday, October 10, 2014

Purple Potatoes!

Last week Asher let us bring home the potatoes that had been damaged by the tiller he used to help dig them up. After spending three hours in the dirt digging thousands of pounds of potatoes it was nice to be able to experience the benefit of our labors. That evening, my best friend and I cooked them up and made mashed potatoes and they were the funniest color I've ever seen!! When I was helping Asher to label the 50 pound bags he told me that the two types I was to bring home were called Adirondack Blues and Adirondack Reds. But the potatoes were neither blue nor red–they were pink and purple. And mixed together they looked like this:

They straight up looked like icing!! But they tasted fantastic. My friend cooked up some chicken and beans, and we had a fantastic meal. It was nice to be able to know exactly where a part of my meal came from. I had literally pulled the potatoes out of the ground that very morning. I knew what type of soil they had grown it. I knew how the potatoes themselves had been planted. It was a connection that I rarely, if ever, have had with the food I eat. It's one that I want to have more often, and will actively try to have. 

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