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Friday, October 10, 2014

The Benefits of Grass-Fed Dairy Farms

After going to Bruce’s dairy farm I found an article about the potential of grass-fed dairy operations. Attached is a 2009 Marketplace Business article discussing the economic gain of raising grass-fed cattle. In 2009, milk prices were at their lowest since 1979. As a result, many dairy farmers were struggling to make ends meet. During this period, a number of New Zealand farmers settled in southwestern Missouri and started grass-fed dairy operations. Compared to the convention stall-fed dairies of the region, the grass-fed operations were very successful due to the minimal labor and expenses needed to raise feed for the herd. It begs the question, should more dairy operations switch to grass-fed? Would the American dairy economy be more profitable if more farms switched to pasture grazing rather than stall-fed? 

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