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Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Trump the Glutton

With the recent Presidential Debate drawing millions of viewers, many Americans are scrutinizing the candidates more and more.  In tribute to the recent political debate, I thought I would give an overview of Mr. Trump's dietary habits.

"The world is his Oyster, but he prefers Filet-O-Fish" says a Washington Post columnist regarding the Republican front-runner.  After reading Trump's strange dietary habits there doesn't seem to be much rhyme or reason to his different tastes.  Furthermore, what is interesting about his tastes is that he views cleanliness as very important and has even been known to yell at double dippers at parties.  Trump claims to eat fast food because "its quick", which makes sense as he is surely a very busy man.  However, I suspect that a man of his stature would command the ability to have gourmet meals at every campaign stop.      

Mr. Trump hates breakfast and often skips it.  When he decides to indulge he often eats bacon and eggs, or even cornflakes.  He often eats lunch at his desk as he is pressed for time.  However, Trump loves dinner.  Trump loves to eat pasta, potatoes, and steak that is cooked extremely well done that "it would rock on the plate."  Donald doesn't care very much for vegetables and inhales his food as quickly and efficiently as possible.

What is interesting about Trump's tastes in food is the response he has gotten from supporters and opponents.  Many Americans view his penchant for fast food as evidence of his lack of willpower and indulgence.  Conversely, Trump's habits endears himself to some voters as he is not perfect and he can appeal to blue collar workers.

Interesting Food Facts:

Favorite Food - Meatloaf, special family recipe

Eats pizza with a fork and knife, scrapes off the toppings, eats them separately and throws out the crust.

Go to Drink - Diet Coke

Taste in food - Pasta and Beef

Likes Cherry Vanilla Ice Cream

Eats Oreos on the road

Loves Filets-o-Fish and Big Macs, "it's great stuff"

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