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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

This National Geographic article is extremely relevant to the past few readings we've had for class (particularly Mintz & Diamond) and very interesting on it's own. The author looks intensely at what's commonly known as the "paleo-diet," or reverting back to eating foods that hunter/gatherer societies would have consumed in the past (or continue to consume today). Commonly this transfers to mean A LOT of meat. However, the author shows that it was not just meat that sustained early humans, or today's hunter/gatherers, because meat was not always available. Plant foods have been equally, if not more, important in human diets. There are a lot of interesting points that jive with ideas  that Mintz provided in chapter 1, particularly where the author states: "You are what you eat. More accurately, you are what your ancestors ate." Also, the photography & video is stunning!


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