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Sunday, November 27, 2016

Catering Cranbrook Reunion

On the Friday after Thanksgiving, I catered the young alumni reunion at my high school. I spent a few hours on Tuesday and Wednesday baking in preparation for the reunion. I decided to make around 100 chocolate chip, sugar, and lemon waffle cookies. After baking, I went to Gordon Food Services and found some large platters with clear covers for only four dollars each. This was the second year that I catered this event, but last year Serena was still a part of the business so it took longer to bake this year. The cookies were popular again this year and I was able to talk to more people about the progress that I had made in the last year.

            One of the older alums who was present was someone that I had met at a farmer’s market this summer. He started a coffee cake company that benefits a foundation that his brother started for cancer patients. The non-profit matches a cancer patient with a cancer survivor who went through the same type of cancer and has other commonalities with the current patient. The organic coffee cake company has been hugely successful and is currently manufactured out of a facility that I toured in Chesterfield. I was able to speak with the founder for a while at the reunion and also got to meet his brother. It is always helpful to speak with successful food entrepreneurs in the area because it is the best way to learn a lot about the regional retail space, production options and distribution lines.

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