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Sunday, November 13, 2016

My Last Farm Day

Friday was the last 'required' farm day for the semester. But, I would like to go again in the near future to visit them one more time. Working in the farm was probably one of the most unique experience I've had in my four years in Colgate! Through this encounter, I made valuable friendships both with classmates, the interns working there, and Asher and Wendy. Also, I was exposed to various produce that I have never seen before and the process of cultivating these produce. I mean, I didn't now what a fennel was before Wendy asked me to harvest it! (To be honest, I still don't know where you would use it... But, google will tell me soon enough.)

My expectation and idea of where and how food came to the grocery store was far away from my experience in the farm. I was born and lived in the suburbs of Los Angeles - far away from the everyday realities of farm. These food were 'magically' found in boxes, and these boxes were displayed in grocery markets for me to purchase it. The extent of my farm knowledge was through movies that addressed problems with food (such as Food Inc.) or books that idolized the farming life (such as Farmer Boy). My parents and others would comment how farming was backbreaking and physically challenging. But, it never clicked with me how much work was put into planting, sustaining, harvesting, and packaging these produce entailed. 

Although I have only worked a fraction of the entire process, it was a toiling experience to spend two to three hours of looking at these vegetables, harvesting, washing and then packaging these produces. This experience has definitely made me more conscious of food. I have never been more aware of the farmers' effort, structures and institutions, and history that have been able to place this food into the store. And unlike before, food justice/ sovereignty is now part of my agenda! It is now one of my goals to build a garden (of course using local seeds), and participate eating from locally grown food. Overall, I am hoping to visit the farm next week again to say a formal goodbye. And, who knows? I might come and volunteer again next semester!

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