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Friday, December 13, 2013

appealing food

Another favorite celebrity chef Nigella Lawson.
She was recently a lot in the media because her famous husband Charles Saatchi hit her in public at a restaurant. It stirred some debate as to why would someone who is educated and successful and financially independent stay in an abusive relationship? As the common reasons why women may stay in an abusive relationship is sometimes either the  lack of financial security or the lack of knowledge and information. I am not saying always, but mostly these are the two reasons that are commonly found in abusive relationships.

Before the abusive relationship scrutiny, she is most known for her very sexually appealing cookery shows. Commonly referred to as the creator of "food porn". There was an article, analyzing her shows and suggested that this was purposely done for marketing purposes: to sell her cookery videos. But in interviews when questioned about it, she always looks confused and says I never realize I do anything sexually suggestive. I just cook and I love food. I guess that shows!

Either way, I love her cookery shows:


One of my favorite of her's, her very simple Thai Lamb curry. I love how quickly she makes it:



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